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Daycare recs in DC area?

Hi ladies,

we are moving back to the area this summer b/c I am starting law school.  I'm currently a SAHM and am clueless about daycares in the area.  Can anyone recommend their daycares (preferably in the city), or point me to a good resource?


Re: Daycare recs in DC area?

  • Bright Horizons is pretty well recommended, but I don't know that you'll be able to get in on time - it took me almost 9 months to get a spot (which was 3 months after I made other arrangements) and that was with a government preference.  Whatever you decide, do it fast, waitlists are killer!
  • which law school are you going to? Some of them have daycares associated with them
  • She's going to UDC if I recall correctly from her post on a different board.
  • Welcome back and OMG is J adorable!
  • Thanks all, and yes I'm going to UDC.
  • Check out Broadcasters Child Development Center. It gets good reviews and is right next door to UDC!
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  • I?ve heard Huckleberry Cheesecake in Georgetown is good (and they have cameras in each room that you can watch from online).

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