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How much should I worry about how much DS eats?

My son is 4.5 months and is eating about 20-25 oz per day. 

His pedi said he should be eating at least 30oz to gain weight properly, but he just isn't interested.  He eats his 4-4.5oz/feeding and is good. 

Back story, DS has 22q (genetic disorder) and had open heart surgery at 3 weeks.  We were home by 6 weeks & he has been eating BM from a bottle ever since.  We're now doing half formula & half BM (to max out my supply, I EP'd till 3.5 months) and his GI doc has put him on rice cereal, which he eats a little of every morning. 

 His weight (pre cereal or formula) is 11lbs 6oz at 4 months.  He was 8lb 5.5oz at birth. 

 Should I be concerned?  He is gaining. . .

Re: How much should I worry about how much DS eats?

  • I think this is something that you and your Doc should discuss, however, DD who has eating issues went from being born in the 50th percentile down to the negatives in a matter of a couple months.  Obviously, they were concerned about that.  So, for the last 19 months we've been counting every last drop of formula/BM or solid that she's eaten to make sure she's eating enough to gain.  Obviously, it's a vicious cycle because the more we try to force her to eat the more she refuses.  Because of our experience I always tell people that if your kid is eating and gaining, however slow, that's all that matters.  It may not be what the doc's want, but I think sometimes they get really hung up on percentiles and how they're charting.  Kids go up and down all the time.  I guess the long and short of it is that if you're comfortable with what he's eating and how he's gaining I'd trust your instinct.  You'll know when something is really wrong.
  • How frequently do you feed him?  (Every 3 hours?  4?)  And do you feed him around the clock  (24 hours, or he doesn't eat at night because he's STTN? 

    Speak with your pediatrician to formulate a plan.  In my situation, we went from every 4 to every three hours and it has helped so far.  I understand.  My 4 month old is under 12 lbs and I am very concerned, but in the last  week he gained a couple of ounces. 

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  • Hi there

    My daughter Emma is 4 months and 1 week old. She was born with tef and had surgery at 2 days old. She suffers from reflux but Is alot better!!! She was 4 LBS 7 OZ at birth and is now only 9 LBS 14 oz...the docs are all concerned but I have decided not to worry!!!!! She is happy, eats 4 to 4.5 oz every 2.5-3 hrs...so I'm going with my gut on this and not worrying...atleast she is gaining! IMO some babies are just small...I am petite so she probably just takes after me! I'm so sick of doc's making me worry!!!! I def feel your pain! But as long as YOU think he is well and eating well and seems happy that's all that really matters. Emma's surgeon told me that as long as she gains weight that Is all that matters!

  • update:


    DS seems to be continuing to gain weight- even if it's just a few ounces.  His cardiologist was not concerned at all- said that the mini-fat rolls DS has shows that he's getting enough and isn't malnourished. 

    I think he eats just fine- 4-5 oz every 3-4 hours.  I just hate that if your baby isn't all chunky monkey (which is truly cute) then there's something wrong. . . I'm getting a little sensitive to the "oh he's so tiny" comments too.  It's hard to not respond with a "well he's a heart baby so lay off!" 

    I try to show some restraint Wink

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