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Anone use melatonin for their child?

Chris' DI suggested this since he doesnt' sleep at night.  We've tried multiple things to get him to sleep and he just doesn't.  It makes for a tired mommy and daddy all the time.

Re: Anone use melatonin for their child?

  • My best friend's son has Autism and this worked very well for her.

  • I have not given it to DS but have thought about it, he too has Autism and is up around the clock until he zonks usually sitting up. I however, have taken this myself and it has helped me. I don't wake up sleepy and feel well rested. With other items I have always felt tired or groggy in the am.
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  • I talked to his doctor tonight.  He's going to find out about using it with someone his age and call us tomorrow.
  • Yup - sure do! DS is 2.5 yrs, 24 lbs and at that weight his geneticist told us to start with 1mg about 30 minutes before he goes to bed. He jsut couldn't shut down at night....he would babble/talk as if he was going thru a rolodex of every word he knew. Geneticist called it perseverative (sp?) behavior.  DS was getting 5 maybe six hours of sleep a night and we were getting less.  Honestly it was sleep deprivation for the whole family.

    Melatonin was a gift from heaven. It let DS calm down, it made him a happier child.  It gave us our life back. We crush it up and give it to him with his fish oil (Coromega Orange). I asked if there was any special brand to get...the doc had no opinion on it, they're all about the same but look for one in the correct dosage.

    We were hesitant to give DS any new 'drugs' but were also desparate for a routine and we knew he needed more sleep. 

    I encourage you to give it a shot.

  • My docotor suggested that we use it, but I haven't yet.  The only reason why I don't use it is because DH don't want him to have any more medications.
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