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clogged tear duct?

My daughter's eye keeps watering and there is yellow crusty discharge. When I took her to the doctor, they said to just wash out the eye and do some massage to get the tear duct unclogged. Did anyone have any luck doing this? I read that there are drops that can be assigned, but my doc said that's only for when the eye gets infected. I don't really want to wait until the infection happens... TIA!?

Re: clogged tear duct?

  • Sarah had a clogged tear duct a few weeks after birth.  I was given the same instructions that you were, and it went away in about a week with no infection.
  • Xander has the same thing- probably 2 weeks after birth he got the clogged tear duct and he is almost 6 weeks with the same symptoms. My doctor said the same thing yours did...I'm still waiting for it to clear up with no luck yet. It hasn't turned into an infection thankfully. My doctor said it could take awhile to clear up.
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  • I saw my pedi today.  She said the same things mentioned above - but also said a couple drops of breast milk around the eye can help.  It's not hard to do, as ds gets squirted in the face on occasion anyways.
  • Mine was born with both tear ducts clogged. One unclogged by itself at around four months and the other one still hasn't.  The ped said if its not better by 1 year they will have to unclog it with a simple surgical procedure. I hope it doesn't come to that, but from the looks of it--I dont think it will unclog by itself.
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