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Any SLP's work with Hyperlexia?

I'm reading a couple books on Hyperlexia & find it very intriguing. DS is about as cookie cutter as you can get!

I think that our SLP is wonderful, but could really help DS more if I could give her some good concrete info on Hyperlexia that will show her how my son's abilities/deficits are/will present differently than that of classic autism/aspergers etc...  Thusfar our sessions have been very structured & she has had little opportunity to see DS's useage of speech outside of my reported observations. 

I am overwhelmed at the task of coming up with JUST the information I find applicable to therapy. I'm going to try my best, but would LOVE to hear from anyone who has worked with a child with Hyperlexia and had some really great success? What strategies did you use that were different than you would use in a more tradtional PDD/ASD?

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Re: Any SLP's work with Hyperlexia?

  •  'One of the echolalias' would be one thing, but I didnt really even know that there was more than one kind. He has been very echolalic, SLP is convinced it is gone. However, I KNOW there is a lot of memorization going on instead of a lot of REAL learning. He is memorizing large chunks of information, and eventually gaining the ability to change up ONE thing about it (thus looking very similar to generalization)- yet even though maybe he's memorized how to ask a question on our request... he's not asking questions because he understands the function of asking a question (most of the time).

     There's so many different things - I don't necessarily think the reading in and of itself is impacting his speech/cognition/social. Its all a blur to me today.... 

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  • Auntie, do you see many people having questions about Hyperlexia on your board? There is little information out there - it is not recognised as a seperate diagnosis - and yet what I read about it fits my child like a glove. 
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