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Birth Story - Elias

I went to the dr. on 2/23 as I got worried he wasn't moving as much as he had before.  Dr. said everything looks great, I was 3cm dilated but come back for my regular appt. on my due date, 2/25 and we'll go from there.  I had an acupuncture appt. on 2/24 hoping to move things along.  Back to the dr. the next day and I regressed to 2 cm, damn!  So we decided to go ahead and induce that night.
I checked into the hospital around 10PM and they insert the Cervadil by 1AM.  My mom stayed with me but I sent Dh home as I really wanted him rested for the next day.  By 9AM, they came to start the pit drip.  EVIL STUFF.  I lasted until somewhere around noon before begging for an epidural.  I wanted to go natural so badly but couldn't make it.  Unfortunately, it took the anesthesiologist a couple of tries as I kept feeling the catheter go in.  Fast forward to 4PM and they told me I was ready to push!  My labor nurse, Sharon, told me to practice push before the dr. comes so I did and she started yelling at me to stop as the baby is *right there*.  I yelled back at her to make up her mind, either she wants me to push or not. :)  Dr. came in with the mirror and I saw his head as I was pushing which was surreal.  They moved the mirror and within 3 more pushes, he was out and they placed him on my chest.  Dh and I immediately started to cry and I was too stunned to do anything more than stare at him, he was so beautiful.
My mother and MIL were unable to believe that I only pushed about 5 times.  I did have a small tear but healed quickly, I guess as I wasn't in too much pain in the following days.

I hope everyone's experience is as great as mine!

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