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High Chair that Doesn't Scratch Wood Floors

Can anyone recommend a high chair that will not scratch hard wood floors??  I registered for one and have since read how much is scratches hardwood.  Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Re: High Chair that Doesn't Scratch Wood Floors

  • We have the chicco one that has wheels.  It doesn't sratch our floors..and it is really easy to use and we love it!  However something we have used more and more now than a tall high chair is the chair that can clip to a regular seat.  It is so much easier for travel, and my DS loves being in that one more than his tall high chair.
  • I think anything could scratch floors, you just have to get those stick on pads for the bottoms.
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  • We started off with a full-size high chair and quickly realized that we made a mistake.  The BEST high chair that I can recommend is the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair.  It is great because it does everything a full-size highchair does (even reclines for infants), but it's also portable (to take to grandma's house), it converts to a booster seat, and it fastens to one of your chairs, so it doesn't take up extra space in your kitchen.

    My son is 2 and STILL loves his chair.  Best thing on the market, in my opinion.


  • We have a chicco high chair and it never scratched the floors when we had DS because it was on wheels. The wheels lock, so just make sure you unlock the wheels before you move it.
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    I think anything could scratch floors, you just have to get those stick on pads for the bottoms.


    this.. or you can get one of those splat mats to put under it just for the purpose of not scratching.. (because i've used these mats for my niece and they are never big enough for anything else)

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  • How about just putting those little felt things on the bottom.... Just a thought...
  • My honest recommendation on high chairs is to not get one.  Get one of those chairs that snap in to a regular chair at your table.  I had a highchair and it has already gone in a garage sale and we just use the little seat with tray that snaps to a chair at our table.  Plus its great to travel with, just unsnap it and it folds up.  The highchair took up space, was bulky, and a pain!
  • THANK YOU Ladies! your opinions were more than helpful!!
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