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Addicted to Totino's Pizzas

They are so cheap and small, but I ABSOLUTELY love the hamburger one. I just had one for dinner, but I am still hungry so I popped my other one in the oven. Oh my... I could have eaten something better for dinner.

Re: Addicted to Totino's Pizzas

  • No offense....but ewww.  

    Totino's was drunken college food back in the day.  I once ate it while sober and nearly puked....ugh.

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  • haha... I know, its complete college food, but I love them! I cant ever look at Dominos the same though. That was our drunken food.
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  • No shame.  Totino's Pizza's have recently made a reappearance in my fridge too!
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  • Totino's is the ONLY frozen pizza I will eat.  Yum!  Now I'm wanting one...
  • I am in love with totinos pepperoni pizza. The kind with the little pepperoni cubes. I have to pick most of them off now because its just too much grease, but I LOOOOVE them.
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