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Should I call or wait

the GI dr told me that a feeding team will call me so we can set up a date for his swallow test to be done, and I have not gotten a call yet. I don't want them to call and they blindside me. Part of me wants to call, but I don't want to sound to pushy.

Re: Should I call or wait

  • If it has been more than a couple of days since the GI doc said the team would call than I would call.

    If you don't want to sound too pushy than you can always go with the line of "I'm just calling because I hadn't heard anything yet and I wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything you needed from me before the test could be set up"

    I've used that on several occasions and it works well.  You usually get the information you want and they don't feel like you are being pushy (even though you have every right to be pushy if they don't call you) :)

  • I'm with preemieparent on this.  Sometimes you have to push a little to get your child what he needs.  We always have to call our surgeon's office to remind them to schedule Drake's esophagus dilations.  I swear it would never happen if we didn't call!


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