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Anyone's DC see a developmental neurologist?

My ped recommended DD see one and I was just wondering if anyone has experience with one. ?DD has SUCH doctor anxiety right now so I just want to sort of know what to expect. TIA?

Re: Anyone's DC see a developmental neurologist?

  • Thanks Auntie. ?At our last ped appt she recommended DD go when we talked about some of our concerns with her development. ?We had already called EI and were waiting for the eval and she suggested we see this dr as well. ?I'm always bordering on wondering if it's doctor overload or if it's something we should really look into. ?Thanks.?
  • Mia was born with a brain injury so we enrolled in a study while in the NICU. We see a developmental neurologist as part of a study. She saw the dev. neuro. at three months, six months, twelve months, and will have her next appointment after her two year birthday. Since we're part of the study, we get developmental evaluations from head to toe at every appointment. For Mia, it was just another excuse to play so she loved it. It is ALWAYS stressful for me because I'm always afraid that I'm missing something and letting her fall behind (I think it's just plain old paranoia because she sees a regular ped and EI...and she was discharged from her regular neurologist). We actually get assessed by someone who specializes in developmental assessment and then at the end of the appointment, we see the neurologist. Maybe if they present the appointment as an opportunity to play, she won't get the impression that she is with doctors.
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