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G-tube fell out? I rather have the mic-key, anyway

My lil' guy could have pulled it out, or it fell out not sure.  I almost had a heart attack.  It happened last night and we zoomed to the children's hospital and it took them 5 minutes to put in a new one.  I almost had another heart attack.

I was recommended to get replacement tubes, but I'm having the most difficult time finding a medical supply store that has one or willing to order one / two.

Any recommendations? Does insurance cover?

Those of you who LOs have the mic-key, I was told that my little guy had to be older to get one.  Is that true?  He's 4 months.  Wouldn't it make sense to have a mic-key button with a little one that wants to tug on things?

Re: G-tube fell out? I rather have the mic-key, anyway

  • OMG that is my nightmare...Owen has a tube put in a few weeks ago.  I believe that they won't put a mic-key until 6 months after the g-tube surgery.  At least that is how they do it in Boston.  The site needs that long to fully heal i think.  Good luck!
  • Olivia had a fundo and gtube surgery at the same time.  They put the mic-key button in right away.  We love it.   It's easy to replace if it falls out and it hasn't impeded Olivia at all.  She was 5 months old when she had the surgery and gtube put in.

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  • your home health care company should beable to send you out a replacement. I know when you get the mic-key you should also have an extra at all times.  Carter got his mic-key button 6 weeks after his g tube was in. For what is worth I have no idea how to replace his button at all, if it falls out we will be at the hospital so they can do it.

  • My son got his Mic-Key placed 12 weeks after his original G-tube surgery. The surgeon also wanted to wait un til he weighed at least 15 lbs before switching to the button. ?I hope your guy can get it soon!?
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