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In surgery today...

Our little man is not even a week old and is having major heart surgery today. He went in right away this morning and will be in surgery until early evening if everything goes well. His heart defect is pretty complicated and considered high risk. We are at a terrific hospital and we have a wonderful surgeon.

This is probably the hardest day of my life! We love our little guy so much and it is so hard to know what he is going through right now, even though he is not going to feel any of it. We also know we have a long road ahead of us, as he we be recovering for a long time in the hospital.

I know a lot of you ladies have been in similar situations and have dealt with many surgeries. This will not be his only surgery as he gets older, but he is so little and fragile right now that it makes the risks even higher. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today and in the next upcoming weeks as he recovers.

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Re: In surgery today...

  • You and your little man are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!
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  • You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope everything goes well.
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  • My little guy was in major surgery when he was 3 days old then again when he was a week old.  I know how you are feeling right now and I will be thinking about you all day!

    Please update us when you find the time!

  • Good luck, I know how scared you must feel! I will keep him in my thoughts.
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  • Hello my fellow Madison buddy. First congrats on the arrival of your little Carter!

    I hope his surgery is going well. My Max's first surgery was when he was 4 days old, and it was the hardest day of my life. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way. Please keep us posted when you have a chance. I - and the others on this board - can be a great source of support and a symphathic ear when you need to vent. My heart goes out to you and your family right now.

    Try to remember to eat and sleep and accept all the help you can get. It's so hard to have a little one in the NICU, but it's good to know that he's in such good hands - and you're right, he won't remember. It's just too bad that us moms have to remember. Hang in there.


  • Hey there missy.  I've been at the hospital with Matthew so I just saw your post.  I hope surgery goes well and you're holding up alright.  I will say this, it is amazing how quickly they bounce back.  Matt's surgery was two weeks ago and it already seems like a distant memory, for him and us.  We'll keep Carter in our prayers and know you're not alone, we are all here for you.


    JMA 2/26/09-9/28/09 MMA 11/22/10
  • I hope everything goes well!!
  • I just happened to be looking around this board, my nephew/godson has a heart issue and I try to see if I can be of any help.  I'm wondering if your baby has the same my nephew does, hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  He had a surgery at a few days old, then again at 3 months, then again around 2 years.  He's turning 9 years old next week!  I'm not sure what your baby has but I just am trying to give you some hope.  If yours has hypoplastic, page me, I'm very invested in my sweet nephew and spent so much time at the hospital and for the longest time I was the only baby sitter they'd use.  I made myself educated in his needs.  Any questions, page me.  I'm hoping all the best for your little precious boy!
  • (((hugs))) you are in my thoughts!
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