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Mic-Key Button Users - anyone else?

Ok so I went to get a prescription filled for another Mic-key button, just in case Isaac pulled his out (we were told to do this so we'd have one on hand when we went to the er), well they told me that they can't get the mic-key anymore, that they can get the Bard brand.  I think that was it, may be misspelled.  So I call my doctor's office back, thinking I can just go get it at another pharmacy.  Well the nurse called me back and told me that I need to call and make an appt with the doctor to come in and we'll have to schedule another surgery to get the new one (as if they don't make the mic-key anymore). 

I see where I can still buy them online, and I think I'll do that.  Its just kind of crazy.  We are really hoping to get rid of it soon because we are using it less and less.  I can't imagine that having another surgery (to simply replace the tube with a different brand/type) would be the first solution to come out of the doctor's mouth. 

Anyways, after that long ramble I was wondering if anyone else has had issues getting their mic-key buttons - and where other mic-key button users get their supplies.  TIA! 

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Re: Mic-Key Button Users - anyone else?

  • How strange. We get ours from a company called Edgepark Medical. I just ordered them last week and had no issues.
  • We use mic-key's also and do not have a problem getting them!  I would talk to the doctor if I were you.

    I'm sorry they're putting you through this.

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  • we use Apria for our supplies. Try going to kimberly-clark.com and see they can help you, they are the markers of it.
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