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My natural birth story!

At my 39 week OB appointment on March 5, 2009, I learnedthat I had the start of preeclamsia with high blood pressure, elevated uricacid levels and a problem with my liver from a blood test. My OB told me I hadto be induced the next morning and I was extremely upset for a few reasons. 1-Iwanted to go natural and I didn?t think it would be possible to do it drug freewith pitocin running through my veins since I didn?t have much faith in myself.2-Dr. Shin (the doctor who I only went to once since I didn?t care for her asmuch as my other OBs) was on call. Before I left my OB appointment, I had theOB strip my membranes hoping that would start something since I was 3cm dilatedand 90% effaced. I was holding onto a glimmer of hope I would go into labor onmy own in less than 24 hours before my induction.

?At about 6pm on I started to have bad cramping and gaspains. I didn?t think anything of it other than I had to poop bad since Ididn?t think that?s what contractions would feel like. Boy was I wrong! Stephenand I went for a walk with the dogs and I had to stop a few times because thepain was pretty bad. When we got home, I had diarrhea and got in the shower. Istill had pretty bad pains and thought I was just going to have the runs allnight. I told Stephen to go to the grocery story without me since I was inpain. When he got back I was moaning pretty bad in pain and he asked, ?Are yousure you aren?t in labor??. I told him I just had really bad gas, but I wasn?tsure. I said there?s a slight possibility and if this is not labor, I don?twant to feel real labor! I got into the tub at home to try to relax myself butthe pains were coming every couple of minutes pretty intense and I was tryingto breathe (and yes scream) throughout them.

?I called my doula in between contractions and asked her ifit was normal to be crampy, have gas, diarrhea and bad pains. She said, ?You?rein early labor! Congratulations!?. I told Stephen that she thought I was inearly labor and to try to lay down. Well there was no laying down because I wasin an extreme amount of pain every couple of minutes. Stephen asked if heshould be timing these and I said I didn?t know because I thought contractionswere supposed to make your stomach really tight and then soften and I wasn?t feelingthat?just really really really bad menstrual like cramp pain. After about anhour of this, we decided to leave for the hospital at around 9:50pm. The carride was terrible. It was a bit of a blur, but it was so painful sitting upstraight in a seatbelt. I told Stephen this better not be false labor. When wewere about to turn onto the street the hospital was on, my water broke. So Iknew it was real. Stephen dropped me off in front at 10:20pm and parked the carsince nobody was coming out to valet. I could barely speak to the receptionistto tell her who I was and they hurried to get a wheelchair for me.

?When I got up to labor and deliver at 10:30 pm, the nursechecked me after my contraction was over and said I was 8-9 cm already! Mydoula arrived right behind us and she helped me through contractions bypressing on my hips. This helped a little, but I was in so much pain and keptsaying I wanted an epidural (which I really didn?t since I wanted to gonatural). The OB arrived a little later since I was calling the wrong pagernumber and he found out to come to the hospital from the nurses and he checkedme and I was already 10 cm. I thought, okay that?s good I can start pushing,but this sucks because I have at least another hour or two since most firsttime moms take about 1-2 hrs to push out their baby.

?Stephen helped by feeding me ice chips and putting a coolwashcloth on my forehead which felt good. I pushed for about 15 minutes, whichwas so incredibly painful, but I kept pushing knowing that if I pushed her outsoon, the pain would be gone.? Dr.Hodges was getting his gloves on and had to hurry over to catch Brenna since hedidn?t think I?d push her out so fast.

?Brenna was born at 11:05pm weighing 5 lbs 15 oz, 18 ? incheslong and getting apgar scores of 8/9. I was able to breastfeed her a little bitafter she was born and I was sewn up since I ended up having a second degreetear.? She is perfect in every way!

?I attribute the fast labor to exercising throughout mypregnancy and drinking red raspberry leaf tea during the last few weeks ofpregnancy to help tone my uterus. But who really knows. J

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