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painless induction story - really!

I'm finally posting this - DS is 4.5 weeks old! :)

First let me say I was terrified of being induced. We arrived at the hospital Tuesday night and I was given 1 dose of cervidil (when I arrived I was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced), and about 30 minutes later, they noticed a few dips in baby's heart rate. They weren't overly concerned at this point because he was able to regulate/get it to come back up fairly quickly afterwards. The plan was to have the meds at 4 hour intervals, but around 11 pm my ob decided to not give me anymore of the meds due to their effect on baby and instead broke my water. This was not painful at all! I was 3 cm dilated. I started having contractions right away and baby had a few more heartbeat "dips." my ob decided to go ahead and give me the epidural in case an emergency C-section was needed later. If not, I would have had to be put under all the way and DH would not have been allowed back. This wasn't an option for us, so I had the epidural. The numbing needle was the worst part and only felt like a bee sting! I was amazed. After the epidural we tried to get some sleep (yeah RIGHT!).

When the nurses came in to check me, I was pleasantly surprised each time. I was 4 cm dilated at 1 am (at this point I called my Mom and said hit the road I'm progressing a bit sooner than anticipated! I was told I might not deliver until Wednesday afternoon/early evening!), and then I was 8 cm at 2:45 am! I woke DH up and told him and we were both just so shocked! The crazy part is about 30 minutes later around 3:15 I felt a lot of pressure. I called for the nurse and after examining me she announced that I was ready to push! I was like um, I am? I was THRILLED I never had to take pitocin at all!
DS was still not handling the contractions very well and after pushing for about 40 minutes, my ob announced it was time to get this baby out. So they used a vacuum/suction on him. Two contractions/pushes later, he was born at 5:03 am weighing 6 lbs. 15 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long. He had a little bit of blond peach fuzz hair and blue eyes. Perfect. at first sight!
I can't believe that I had such an amazing birth experience and felt no pain or discomfort throughout it. I feel so blessed to have the doctors and nurses that I did. I really feel they took awesome care of the baby and me during our labor and delivery.

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