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DAN! Doctors anyone?

 Does anyone have experience with a DAN doctor? 

(not to be confused with a doctor named Daniel.) Wink


Where I am from, they are not covered by our healthcare and I have to pay out of pocket. It's getting increasingly more expensive, and I just wondered if anyone had encouragement, or warnings or such. 


Thanks in advance!

Re: DAN! Doctors anyone?

  • We have!  Ditto what Auntie said about insurance.  None of them seem to take it.

    We have our son on a gfcf diet and have seen HUGE improvements.  You have to do the diet 100% though.  That includes things that the child comes in contact with (soaps, lotions, playdoh).  Most people don't realize this.  If my child gets ahold of anything with milk or gluten he starts head shaking, lining things up, walking on tippy toes within an hour or two.  I can always tell if he gets ahold of something.  My best advice about the diet is to do it 100%.  We started seeing results within three days.  He started to repeat words and even said hi to a guy at the store!  I will warn you my child went through extreme withdrawl so to speak.  He was not happy for about a week when the gluten started to exit.. 

    Children with starving brains is a great book that a lot of DAN! doctors go by.  A lot of this stuff you can try yourself.  I usually know if something is working on my son because he stims for about three days at first and then we start to see results and the stimming goes back down again.

    I believe the diet and supplements have helped so much.  We get ours from Kirkmans or Brainchild nutritionals.  We were doing the kirkmans but our DAN! doctor wanted us to try the brainchild.  I have done yeast treatments, DMG supplements, cod liver oil and liquid zeolite too.  I believe it's made a HUGE difference in my child.  Trust your instincts.  I figured vitamins and a diet change, what have I got to loose? 

    You can email me if you have anymore questions.  [email protected]

    Good luck!

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