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Noah's grand entrance! (long, of course!)

This is copied and pasted from a blog so hopefully it shows up well... 

Clay and I went into the hospital Monday night for a planned induction. By Tuesday morning things seemed to be progressing well (although slowly in my mind) but we had signs that Noah wasnt handling labor very well. I was put on oxygen and turned on my side in order to make him more comfortable. As labor progressed we realized Noah was still in distress so the nurses tried an amnio-infusion...which is basically replacing the water that had broke earlier in the day. It helped a little bit but there was still concern. I was flipped and flopped all over the bed. At one point the nurse told me I needed to get onto all 4's "like doggy style" she said lol. Which was hard considering I had a cathater, internal monitors AND my epi! As soon as I got into the position I was put back onto my side, it wasnt halping and the word "c-section" was introduced to the game. I wasnt worried, I didnt think it would happen, I figured the nurses were just over-reacting. Than my doctor came in and when she saw Noah's heart rate she informed us that the c-section was DEFINETLY in the cards. She wanted to avoid it though so when I progressed to 10 ((I went from 5-7-10 within 40 mins...thank GAWD for epi!)) there was a mad dash to get me pushing and get him out! We got set up and Clay busted out the camera...he thought he was going to video tape...umm, no love, I dont think so Wink lol...he took some photos and I pushed 3 times than all of a sudden I hear "call NICU we're going to the OR"...huh?! I wasnt aware at the time but Noah's heart rate dropped VERY low and was slowly rebounding but my doctor was worried it may not come back up if that happened again.

Clay was told to get on his garb to come with and they rushed me down the hall to the was like all the Lifetime movies when the woman is staring at the celing tiles flying by and thinking "what the hell is going on?!". I dont know if it happend too fast for me to think about or if it was that I was clueless as to how much trouble my baby was in, either way I was glad I wasnt aware and freaking out. I knew this was best for him so I just let them do what they had to do and I followed along. The nurses kept calling the NICU (which I didnt like to hear) and the doctors and nurses were preping me for surgery. I kept hearing one nurse ask "is dad coming in?" no one would answer her. When finally I heard the anestiologist (sp) say "no, she's going under. Come stand with her." ((I'm tearing up right now cause the reality of the situation is sinking in)) I thought "I wont be able to hear my babies 1st cry. And Clay wont be able to see his son being born" The nurse was trying to reassure me that I was doing well, which I thought was silly cause what WAS I doing? Nothing, sitting there dazed and confused and wondering what the hell was going on. Than I was under.

I woke up one time and noticed a nurse putting compression socks on my legs. Than I woke up again while a nurse was talking to me...I fell back asleep before she was finished! lol When I finally woke again Clay was next to me...I dont remember what was said but I asked for the baby and he wasnt there. Which made me want to cry, I wanted to see him. I had no clue that poor DH's first time seeing his son was when he was in the NICU...45mins after he was born. I also had no clue he was only 5lbs! During labor they kept saying that he wasnt decending properly because they thought his head was too big...I later found out that he wasnt decending properly because his very short cord was wrapped around his neck, which was also causing the drop in heart rate. The doctor told me later that his apgar was 4 when he 1st came out than went up to 8...thank god!

All in all, it was a rough labor and delivery. It got very scary and it wasnt anything close to what we origianally wanted in a birth experiance. But the ultimate reward is our beautiful, healthy, blessing named Noah who was 5lbs 10oz and 19" of love! Wink


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