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I'm watching a baby story and the Mom wanted her kids in the room while she was giving birth..  I personally don't think I would want my dd in the room seeing  me in so much pain.. Would you have consider having your LO in the room during delivery?

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    My 10 year old DS stayed in the room with us only until I was about 5 centimeters and really started to show serious signs of pain.  I wanted to be able to experience part of it, but not the part that freak him out completely.  He was the first one back in the room when DD was born and got to be right next to her she got weighed, footprints, etc.
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    No way!  I was watching one of those delivery stories and the lady was having a natural birth.  She wanted her son in the room to be apart of the experience and he's just sitting there bawling because his mom was in pain and he was scared.  I felt horrible for the boy.  I can't even imagine how tramatic that was on him.  The point is moot for me anyhow since I had a c/s the first time and don't plan to try a VBAC.
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    I would. I mean if i had an older daughter who wanted to. but i wasn't in "pain" bc i had an epidural before i had contractions so it would just be a few mins of pushing and ta-da!
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