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Medicaid for speech delay????

We currently receive EI services for my oldest who has a significant speech delay (currently says 2 words consistently) with the possibility of apraxia.  Our service coordinator suggested we see if he qualifies for medicaid (through department of public welfare) for other services.  I have pretty good insurance through my job currently (no referrals needed).  My insurance will cover 20 speech sessions per year (with small copay) in addition to what is provided through EI.

I started the application online and just received a huge packet in the mail yesterday.  Looking over the papers the doctor is to fill out it just doesn't seem to pertain to a speech delay.

I'm just wondering if anyone ever received medicaid strictly for a speech delay?  We definetly do not qualify based upon income.


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Re: Medicaid for speech delay????

  •  I am going back over my SSI Disability stuff wondering if it's even worth re-submitting (dont worry I'll get to the point in a sec). The main reason they say we don't qualify is b/c 'the impairment must cause marked and severe functional limitations'. I'm not going to fight very hard b/c I think we do have comparatively mild issues going on. But I also sit here wondering why his need for all these services don't show that to them. 

     Anyway, it says on my application that we were applying for disability for 'autism and speech deficits'. It says that you need not be qualified under their standards to qualify for Medicaid benefits.  So...... I would deduce from that, MAYBE medicaid will be qualified for speech even when the child cannot be considered 'disabled'. 

    IDK. I really hope someone else chimes in. 

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  • I don't THINK I've ever had any Medicaid kids who were strictly speech delay, but that's not to say that it's not possible.  In the last year, Medicaid did develop some new rules about how far "below average" a child has to be in certain areas (speech, for example) to have Medicaid pay for therapy, but I can't remember if that applies for qualifying for Medicaid in the first place.  GL!
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