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Caleb's Long Delivery (Long)

I began having contractions Thurs, March 12 around 7pm, they were irregular so I tried laying down to relax but they were too uncomfortable. By about midnight, they were around 7-8 min. apart, my husband was on his way home from work so I called my OB triage # to ask them if we should go to the hospital, they recommended that we should since we were 30 min from the hospital, just to get checked out. Everyone always said I would know if I were in labor, but I had no idea I was actually in labor until the hospital told me I was. 

I spent about 6 hrs in the hospital but never got passed 2cm, the nurse gave me some morphine to ease the discomfort and sent us home. My husband Steve went to sleep but I was unable to rest. The contractions got painful after a couple hrs. at home so I woke Steve up and said I needed to go back to the hospital. I was in tears and extreme pain by the time we got in the car. When we arrived I barely made it to sign in and they quickly got me into triage to have me checked out.

At this point I was at 4 cm, they were able to admit me and set me up in a delivery room. It was Fri. March 13th at about 3:30pm 

I quickly received my epidural and relief began. I quietly labored and rested until about 8pm. Then when I got to about 8cm I began having extreme rectal pressure that unfortunately the epidural could not help. My anesthesiologist topped off my epidural twice and also gave me what they give C-section patients in my IV. The only thing that helped was pushing. 

I finally was able to push, I pushed for about 2 1/2 hrs, I also had a 102 degree temp during this phase and was started on antibiotics. After his head came out his shoulders got stuck in my pelvis and the OB gave me an episiotomy and had to twist him out and a nurse pushed on my tummy to "force"him out. It took a few seconds for him to take a breath, but he finally began crying. He fractured his collar bone coming out but otherwise was healthy. 

After 31 hrs of labor my son Caleb was born, he was monitored and given antibiotic for 48 hrs because of the high temp. we both had during and after delivery, but was otherwise healthy, his shoulder will heal itself.

Caleb was born at 12:20 am March 14th, almost got my Friday the 13th baby. He weighed 10 lbs even, which is why we had the issue w/ getting stuck and the collar bone injury. He was 21.5 in. long. It is true what they say about getting amnesia after birth, it still doesn't seem real, my beautiful son is so worth the exhaustion and pain of 31 hrs of labor!


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Re: Caleb's Long Delivery (Long)

  • If his shoulder will heal itself, that is good, very good. Thank you for sharing!

  • Congrats!
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  • Your labor story sounds somewhat like mine.  I went into labor on Friday, Feb 13th (6:45 am), but he wasn't born until Feb 14th at 5:22 am after two long hours of pushing and vomiting and a vacuum extraction.  He had shoulder dystocia which healed by itself, and mommy had third degree tears :(  That was by far the worst part!
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