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Surgery today for tight heel cords

My 3 year old son had surgery today for his tight heel cords.  Both legs are in casts and he is doing great and we are keeping his pain controlled.  Anyone have experience with leg casts?

Re: Surgery today for tight heel cords

  • i haven't but i just wanted to say that i hope he gets well soon!

    how long does he have to wear the cats?

  • Embarrassed i mean "how long does he have to wear the casts?" Embarrassed
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  • 4 weeks in casts, then 6-10 weeks in leg braces
  • My son had 6 weeks of full leg casts, then the surgery for the tight heel cords.  Now he wears special shoes and a bar that connects them.  It's for clubbed feet.

     The casts were a breeze for him after the 2nd day.  My only issue was he'd get poop on them the 2nd day we had them on so I was stuck with nasty casts.  But he cared less. 

     The shoe/bar were a little harder to get used to, for me and him.  But now we're in week two and he's doing much much better. 

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