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we had an appt for my 4 year

to be seen by a neurology for testing, per the preschool that she goes to they say she has waring signs that she might have a learning disorder. It was for 5/1 but it got changed for 3/26.

Re: we had an appt for my 4 year

  • Good luck!
    imageimageimageimageimage 9/07 m/c baby boy @ 18wks, 4/09 m/c @ 4.5wks
  • Good luck, that's great that you got in sooner! I know during my (almost) 5 y/o's recent triennial assessment they used his IQ test to screen for a potential LD - like auntie said, if there is a discrepancy between his IQ and academic performance (he scored low on both, which at this point ruled out a potential LD and they are looking towards more of a cognitive disability).
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