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I gave my preemie one of my medications accidentally! I freaked!!

I had the biggest scare!! Since Cody was released from the hospital and on a whole bunch of medications, some you crush up and draw it up with a syringe and put through his Mic-key button (feeding tube).Last week I was looking for my Reglin pills (I take these to help my milk supply come it better) and when I couldn't find them I started panicing. I THEN saw them on the counter lined up with Cody's other medications. My heart stopped and I panickd. I HAD GIVEN MY BABY ONE OF MY PILLS BY ACCIDENT!!! I called the poison control and pediatrician. They both said to take him to the ER. I rushed to the ER and they admitted him in the hospital, since it was a large dose and he has kidney problems. They kept an eye on him for any side affects. Thanks god there ere none. The moral of this story is.....even though you know you are giving your child their medications ALWAYS check the name on the bottle every time and keep ALL your medications away from the baby's. I was a crying mess not knowing what could happen to him.

Re: I gave my preemie one of my medications accidentally! I freaked!!

  • Hang in there.  I know that you must be beyond exhausted after giving him dialysis at night.  Good for you for calling poison control and taking him to the ER.  Glad he's ok.
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