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SMISCH51 (renal kidney failure Cody UPDATE)

Hello everyone!

 It's been a few months since I posted about Cody and his Renal Kidney failure problems. After 4 months of being in the Hospital for surgeries, MRSA, Mendigitoius and enlarged bladder. He finally came home, but only for a couple of weeks till I saw his Hernia came back in his groin. So I rushed him to the ER (he can't have this Hernia since I have him on Dialysis everyday at home) They did a 2 hour surgery on him and repaired all 4 Hernias he had gotten over the past 4 months. What we thought was a minor surgery ended up being a looooong hospital stay because he THEN got pneumonia Crying He was on the ventilator for 2 weeks because he couldn't breath on his own.So he was in the hospital for a total of 3 weeks because of the pneumonia.


Good news is, he is finally home and doing very well. He has, it seems like a million Dr. apt. for check ups and specialist for him but in all he is doing well.

I'm doing his dialysis's at home in the evenings each night for 10hrs. I'm loosing so much sleep doing this so now a nurse will be coming to the house to help me out so I can get some sleep. I'm going to be going to school part-time to become a RN once Cody and I get adjusted to our new life style.

Re: SMISCH51 (renal kidney failure Cody UPDATE)

  • I saw your story earlier and am glad everything is going well:).  You're administering his dialysis? Wow! You're a great mother!  How is he doing with it?  I hope things continue to go well for him and you're able to finally get some rest.
  • I am glad that he is home and healthy again.  I love your new sig pic.  He is such a doll!  :)
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  • So glad he is home again!  You should be so proud of yourself.  He is very very lucky to have such a good mommy :)
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  • Can you tell me more about how his dialysis works?  I am just curious... it sounds interesting and kind of scary :/
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