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So frustrated Today

My son has Apraxia of speech and we have been working on developing an appropriate IEP with our school district since December, with no end in sight. We hired an advocate, and are now headed to mediation through the state due to our inability to come to an agreement. I want to make sure he recieves everything he can and be as caught up as he can BEFORE kindergarten, their stance is that he is 1/6000 and the district is not going to change the way they deal with such issues for one child. It makes me sad, frustrated, and angry. My son is just a number to them, but he's my baby and I'll fight till the end. The up side is that he does recieve some services and is making strides, but is still far behind where he should be. Just a vent really, no one I know is going through a similar problem.

Re: So frustrated Today

  • Hugs!  Keep fighting!  It sounds like you are doing everything you can to be an advocate for your son.  Vent here all you need! 
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  • Check out your State's Education laws, they should provide detail of what the state's obligation is. Many times districts don't want to meet their obligation b/c it is out of the norm or will cost them more money. I have met a lot of parents who have gone through similar experiences, don't give up!
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