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Had meeting today with school system, re:services

I will tell you what, I am overwhelmed. My ds pretty much is being offered a 4 day a week morning program, with PT, OT and ST as well. They do offer transportation, so that is not an issue. The thing is, they will only transport within our county. His current preschool and our workplaces are several counties over in another state. So what do we do with him at 11:30 when they let out?

Plus, they are closed on Wednesday's and during summer time. So, what the heck do I do with him in the afternoons and during the summer? It's not like I would be able to run all the way home and wait for him to be dropped off and then take him to his regular preschool. Plus I would have to get him lunch, as his current preschool serves lunch at 11:30. I am a full time working mom and so is my dh.  This program, yeah it is free, but how is this even partway friendly to working parents.

We could take him part-time there and PT with his current school, but the PT, OT and ST schedules are so rigid with the days they are there, that it doesn't work out. But, then again, what to do with him during the summer? And I feel funny about him going to different programs different days, as that seems really unstable/less structured for ds. Yet, I want to do what is best for him. I don't want to regret this decision later.

We are thinking about doing everything through our insurance that we can, so it is more flexible with our schedules. Plus, we really like his preschool that he is at. They are really patient and really want to work with him on his issues.

We are meeting with our own group of doctors on Friday, so hopefully, we may be able to get a few more ideas and answers.

Re: Had meeting today with school system, re:services

  • See if they can arrange for you to receive the services through then county that his preschool is in.


    Our EI will do this.  We live in one town and he goes to DC in the next town over.  They will let him go to the "special" preschool in the next town over, so that the bus can pick him up and drop him off at his DC. 

  • Thanks for the replies. He actually attends a preschool at my work, which is in a totally different state than where he would be attending services. I don't think they would go for that. I could look into maybe the county system one or two counties over, which are closer to our work. I will call them about that.
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  • Did your son end up with a dx on the spectrum?  Just curious as I am a sp ed pre-k teacher for an autism program in a public school setting.  My students receive a full day program 4 days per week and half day on Friday so I can do home visits, meetings etc...  They are with me 8:45-2:25 M-TH.  My students all recieve OT, SLP, and some PT, but aside from this direct service we are working on their goals all day long.  The ratio is so different than a typical pre-k class.  I have 6 students and 4 aids,and we are understaffed.  So, this ratio makes it possible to "work" all day long, in ways that the children don't even realize it!  Throughout the day we are working on social skills, language, play, transitions, coping skills, academics, motor skills etc...

    So, I guess that is a piece that I would look at-- can his regular pre-k give him what he needs because an hour of speech, ot etc... isn't going to help if the school isn't doing the stuff all day.  The key to early intervention is having everyone on board.  If his pre-k has the willingness and the staff to help that is great!!  In birth to three I once had a private pre-k that was willing to work with the spec ed team and gave this little guy a great program! Prob better than what he would have gotten in this particular city.

    Many of my students attend a before and after school program at a local daycare.  Our school also has a before and after school program (housed in our school but not run by us).  So, look at all of your options before you make your decision and see what type of program your team of drs that you are meeting with recommends too.  They may have some great insight as to what type of environment your son would benefit from.

    Best of Luck!

    Kirsten DD 4-7-06
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