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How do I offer my support?

So my BFF (since we were about 9 years old) is expecting her first baby in Sept.  She lives about 8 hours from me.  She found out yesterday that she is a carrier for cystic fibrosis.  He DH now has to be tested, and they will go from there.  I know that the chances of him being a carrier also are very slim.  I know that even if they both are carriers, the likelihood that the baby would be healthy is still very good.  I am just worried for her, about her, and I don't know what to do.  She is mad, upset, scared, everything you can imagine.  How do I offer my support when I am so far away?  She knows I am always a phone call away, but I have toddlers, work and have a DH that travels most of the week, it would be nearly impossible for me to pack up and rush to her side (which is what I want to do).  I just want to help her get through the next few weeks until they really have some definite answers.  I tried to tell her not to worry, meanwhile thinking about what a mess I would be if I was in that situation.  Any ideas?  Anyone dealt with cystic fibrosis?  Any info I could pass along to her?

 Thanks so much for you help.

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