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Middletown/Monroe/Franklin Moms, Daycare help??

Hello!!  My MIL has decided that she isn't going to watch the girls anymore, grrr.  In two weeks my DH starts his new job, so that is how much notice we got.  Two weeks.  Grrrr.  Just so she can go to garage sales.  But that's another story.  Angry  So now I need daycare/babysitter.  We live in Middletown.  Any moms around here have any recommendations??  I know there are at least a couple people on here every now and then that live in Monroe.  I am going to go visit one daycare tomorrow evening, but she said it would be $$$ since I will techinally have two infants (since DD1 is not 18 months yet).  I am so upset.  I didn't want the girls, especially the baby to have to go to daycare.  I know it isn't mil's responsibility to watch them, blah blah blah, but don't tell me you will all winter, then when the time comes give me two weeks to find someone else.  Thanks a bunch mil.  If my mom didn't work, hell would have to be frozen over before she would sit at home all day and let her granddaughters go to dc.  Vent over.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

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