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can I use Benzoyl Peroxide on my doozie of a pimple?

I know you can't use Salycilic (sp) Acid, but I wasn;t sure about BP. t's a 2.5%, OTC- Neutrogena actually.

This pimple needs it's own zipcode.


Re: can I use Benzoyl Peroxide on my doozie of a pimple?

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    Here's what I found online:

    Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used: Currently, there are no case reports about benzoyl peroxide and birth defects in research studies. So far it appears there is a low risk to the unborn child.


    Benzoyl peroxide is a category C drug: So far, there have been no studies on humans or animals that show risk correlations between benzoyl peroxide and pregnancy. This means the risk is still unknown. About 5% of each topical dose is absorbed systemically. It is unknown if BP passes into breast milk.
    Make sure you consult with your doctor about taking BP safely.


    I've been using the Bert's Bees blemish stick, and it works fairly well.  


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    My dermatologist had me wait before using it. BUT she is extremley conservative and even made the comment that they sell it over the counter and it is most likely safe. She prescribed a 5% gel for me at about 25-26 weeks, b/c she felt comfortable that I was far enough along.

    My opinion, go for it.

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    I used OTC benzolyn peroxide a couple times throughout my pregnancies. I know it's category C but I was using such a tiny amount so infrequently that I wasn't worried.
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    According to my ob - yes!  So long as you don't eat it or cover your entire body with it - it's harmless :)


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