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Anyone ever wash a little giraffe blanket?

My SMIL is very big into brand names and giving expensive, useless gifts because obviously its the best gift if it cost the most. Anyway, she gave me a little giraffe blanket and in the course of one evening, Michael threw up on it during tummy time and I just caught both of my dogs sleeping on it :- / Have any of you lovely ladies ever put one of these in the wash and how did you do it?

Re: Anyone ever wash a little giraffe blanket?

  • is little giraffe a brand?


  • Yeah - its really fluffy and soft.  The crazy thing is that they are like $60 baby blankets. I mean my kid pees on himself if left unattended and she bought him an $60 blanket. All I wanted was solid colored waffle knit recieving blankets.

    I sound like an ungrateful twit.  sigh.

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  • are there care instructions?

    if not, maybe you can wash it on a gentle cycle and hang dry?

  • Yes, I've got one that a very swanky friend gave me! I washed it in cold water and put it in the dryer. It came out just fine. I do love how soft this blanket is even though I don't think I would have purchased it myself. Maybe it will be a favorite of DD when she gets older :)
  • Is it one of those little loveys, I think they are called Angel Dear or something..its a rectangle little blanket with a giraffe head? If so, I have two of them. :-D

     And yes, absolutely you can wash them. In fact, I made sure to wash them and then I slept with them for a few  nights before I even gave them to the babies. 

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