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Babymoon suggestions-driving distance from MD...

Anyone have any suggestions for a moderately priced babymoon destination that would be within driving distance from MD? We'd be going over a weekend, probably in early May. Somewhere we can walk around, go to dinner, etc. Nothing crazy. If I leave it up to my DH we'll be going to a casino in AC for sure. Thanks!

Re: Babymoon suggestions-driving distance from MD...

  • Philly is fun in the spring. Plenty of sight seeing and lots of great places to eat. ?Or what about the Poconos?
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  • I agree with Philly, and I LOVE NYC, also this cabin here: is nice as well.
  • Poconos are close, but sometimes costly.  Another great place for spring is Deep Creek.  DH and I may go to plain old Ocean City for a weekend.  Anywhere away from home can be made into a babymoon.
  • There's the Poconos here in PA, along with the PA Grand Canyon (near NY boarder) - not really that interesting to me, but others.  You have the aquarium down where you live along with OC MD and the board walk.

    I'm sure there's other places but I'm having a brain fart! :o)


  • Agree that Deep Creek has amazing houses/cabins...same with the Shenandoah Valley area.  Have you thought about Annapolis?  It also has some adorable bed and breakfast places!  Worst case you can always come into DC, but it might be a little exhausting by that point to walk so much.
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  • Ditto everyone else - Deep Creek, DH and I like to stay on the bayside sometimes cos it's quieter.  Check out the lighthouse hotel at fager's island - we love it there.  Or St. Michaels?
  • The poconos are out-DH's parents live there so that's hardly a vacation! :) We live in Baltimore so Annapolis wouldn't be much of a vactaion...

    But keep the suggestions coming!!

  • When we lived in Columbia, I always wanted to go spend the weekend in St.Michael's...
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  • Also - when we stayed in St. Michael's we stayed at the Old Brick Inn. Nice little B&B - fabulous breakfasts every morning. 
  • There's Nemacolin Woodlands in PA.  It's pricy but the spa and the restaurants are wonderful.
  • Hey, there's always D.C.  B-)  Heheeheheh.  Maybe stay at like 16th and K.  Hang out with the lawyers and lobbyists.  Nice "relaxing" babymoon, no? 

    Actually, Old Town Alexandria wouldn't be a bad babymoon destination.  Tons of cute shops to walk around, loads of great restaurants.  Terriffic day spas.  There are a lot of smaller boutique hotels (like Morrison House) and probably some B&Bs, too.

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