HTT: Adoption costs--why so much?

I looked into an agency yesterday and they topped out at $46K for a domestic adoption. I almost choked. Why the increased cost? I know there are more safeguards in place than there were back in the "old days", but where does all this $ go?

Re: HTT: Adoption costs--why so much?

  • wow, that seems like a lot!  I never researched DA or IA so I have no idea where the money goes.  But, that does seem a little much
  • from what I am finding, birth mom expenses are a huge variable in some states without regulations and can significantly drive up costs.
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  • The group we are working with has our costs broken down nicely.  It helped us realize where the money is going-  big chunk to advertising, and then all the legal fees were spelled out.  It is amazing how quickly legal billed hours add up! Wow!
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  • Not to sound cold but it is all about supply/demand (hence also the longer waiting period ). Our agency states that the extra fees are because 1) advertisement to persuade women considering adoption to come to them - this is probably the biggest reason why it is so costly, 2) some of the fees may go towards living expenses for the BM - white women tend to have higher expense needs than women of color.

    Although we did not choose to go down the path of adopting a baby with african american heritage because of the cost - it certainly was a factor. In the case of children with ANY AA heritage the costs are generally 50-75% less and the wait periods are typically 75% shorter than that of a white newborn.

    It is easier to charge more and there is a need for more money to be spent advertising (especially if your agency works with all states) when an agency may have at any given time hundreds of families waiting 'in line' for a white baby - they have do everything they can to increase the number of BMs that come there way. Unlike babies with AA heritage there are more BM than adoptive couples - so they reduce the fees greatly and offer government subsidies to encourage people to adopt non-white children.


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