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How do you ladies feel about toddler leashes

So I was out with a friend of mine this weekend and we were wandering and end up at the Richwood Flea Market. Her son is 18 months and hates the stroller. He wants to either walk or be held. Understandably my friend was nervous about letting him walk in the crowd of people. I asked why she didn't get one of those kid leashes and she hesitated. She said she used to be opposed to those but.....and never quite finished the sentence. I could see in her eyes that the idea appealed to her but that she was afraid to admit it.

Personally, I think they are a fabulous invention and the new ones they sell that look like backpacks, animals or purses are super cute! We used one with my now 2 1/2 year old neice (and her mother when she was little coincidently). She is so independent that she always wanted to walk. With the leash she could walk, we could let her walk and everyone was happy.

It seems like this is one of those controversial topics like co-sleeping so I thought I would see what you ladies thought.

Re: How do you ladies feel about toddler leashes

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    I don't have a problem with them at all.. I would rather see a parent toting their child around on a toddler leash instead of letting them have free reign of a strange place... it just seems so much safer
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    We haven't used them, but I'm all for them.  It gives your toddler more freedom than if you were holding her hand.  I'm not sure why people are so against giving a toddler the ability to walk around a bit while keeping them safe. 
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    I think toddler lashes are that one topic that before you have a toddler you are totally opposed to, but once you are a parent you "get it" I have never used one for Rylee but probably should.
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    My mom used one on me back in the 70's and still has them.  She said after I tried to run in the street a couple of times, she had no problem keeping a rein on me.  I'll be using them for my DC as well.  I bought my nephew one with the little stuffed dog on the back, so cute.
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    I'm with Shawnsweetie on this one.  I've yet to be in that situation so how could I really know what I would do.  I think they look stupid but serve a great purpose so I wouldn't rule out using one when the Alligator gets bigger. 

    On a funny note, I just got a picture in my head of me watching the triplets this summer. I'd have Allie in a front carrier and the boys on leashes as we walk around the neighborhood.  I'd look like one of those dog walkers in NYC with all of the leashes getting crossed and kids going every which way but I don't know how else we'd be able to go one walks!

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    I would give you the same answer that your friend did.  Before E was born DH and I were both on board with the fact that no child of ours would EVER use one.  Then we went on vacation to the beach at about 14 months with a walking child and it was July 4th weekend (read that as HUGE HUGE HUGE crouds), so we both decided it wasn't a bad idea.  We don't use it often though, because he isn't a dog.  But if we are at a festival or a very crowded location (like the beach was), we will.  At the store he just holds our hands and if he runs I can still see him, we would never use it, but in a big bunch of people if let go and would bolt I would NEVER be able to see him.

    Besides E LOVES monkeys and we actually found one at Wally-World (Wal-Mart) that was a monkey backpack and he loves it.  :)

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    I personally go back and forth on this subject.  I think that if you use it and teach your child the boundaries so that you don't have to continue to use it later on, I think it is a good idea.  If you are just using it and not teaching your child the reason for it and letting them know how far they can go and what not then I am against it.  I think kids need to have some freedom but I think they need to learn about freedom so if starting with a kid leash helps teach them that then go for it!  I do not think anyone is bad for using them and I may or may not use it (I am not in that age group yet).  Overall I am not opposed to using them!
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    If Babies R Us has a section specifically for "leashes" how could it be wrong?  I'm just kidding!  I actually love the backpack "lease" that we bought for Isabelle & she loves it too.  We used it last summer right before she turned 2 in Myrtle Beach.  She thought it was her "rescue pack" & liked being able to keep her own drink & toy in the back.  She still loves it even though we don't really use it anymore.  Sometimes she just wears the backpack around & will hold our hands now, she's very good at listening to us & being independent.


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    I'm ok with them and we'll probably have one to use for big crowd situations.
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    Back in the day, I thought they were horrific, but now, I totally plan on buying one.  For large crowds where your toddler will be walking, I think it's essential.  Plus, they are cute now!
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    We bought one of the monkey backpacks and plan on using it if we need to.  Ethan still does good in the stroller or in the mei tai, but I think it's a good option for if he wants to roam to keep him safe.  We haven't tried it yet!

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