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I need to vent about them. ?We signed up for the newspaper back in the fall, even paying for the "tip" in advance. ?Well, our paper always got delivered at the curb at the end of the driveway!!! ?And, a few times either our paper got stolen, b/c it was all the way out to the curb or someone forgot to deliver ours. ?We got tired of it, and cancelled the paper a few weeks ago. ?We have been getting calls from the enquirer. ?They never leave a message...this is enough for me to not ever get the paper delivered again, and I may give them a piece of my mind when they call tomorrow.

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    IKWYM.  DH and I were talking about trimming costs, and the paper was something we thought about.  But it's so cheap that we've kept it for now.  I know that as SOON as we do cancel it, we'll get harassed again.  It makes me not want to cancel it, which is really quite sad that the annoyance of getting harassed makes me spend a few bucks.  
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    I could have written this post myself.  I HATE the Enquirer.  We used to take it on weekends, and they kept bugging us to take it daily.  It didn't matter how many times we told them no, asked them to stop calling, etc., they never let up.


    Then, somehow they screwed around with the billing.  I don't even remember the whole story of what happened, but they were making threatening phone calls, sending threatening notices in the mail, you name it.  We cancelled the paper and I vowed never to take it again.  They started calling the very next week and they called daily for what seemed like an eternity.  I gave them a piece of my mind one time when they called and they apologized all over the place, but it didn't stop the calls. 


    They haven't called here in months, though.  Not sure why they stopped but thank the Lord, they did.

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    Ahhh, its ridiculous! ?Next time they call I think I will tell them to quit calling or I will report them and newsflash, I can read the paper online for FREE lol.
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    When we changed to Sunday only, they called us every day for 2 months.  DH finally had enough, and ripped them a new one when they called one day.  They dare to call back the next day and DH went to the extreme of cursing and yelling.  He told them to never call our home again.  He got hung up on, but they never have called back.  We still get Sunday only delivery.
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    same thing happened to us a year or so ago when I cancelled sunday delivery.  They were charging us diff amounts all the time & sometimes they didn't deliver.  I think I gave them a mouthful too to get them to quit calling - they finally did, but it took awhile
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