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DH recently found out that we are unable to have children.  Saturday night we had a long discussion regarding our options and we really want to start learning more.  Right now we are starting with a blank slate and are just beginning to collect information.  Is there anything anyone can recommend as a good starting point (other than this board :-))?

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  • I would get the Adoption for Dummies. It is a great starting point with lots of information.


    Welcome to the board.

  • Ditto BurkeJax. It is a great beginner book that talks about all of your options for adoption, and helps you to clarify how you want to build your family.

    Also see if any of your area adoption agencies have informational sessions that you can attend, even online. We found those to be very helpful. has them periodically.

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  • I read "The Complete Adoption Book" by Laura and Raymond Godwin.  Even though it's a beast of a book (SO huge), after I finished it I felt like I had a MUCH better understanding of the various adoption processes.
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