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Pre natal yoga in the Valley?

Hi-  I have heard of 2 Hearts Yoga.  Any feedback?  Or are there any other places to take prenatal yoga?  I  would drive over the hill if I have to.


Re: Pre natal yoga in the Valley?

  • Golden Bridge in Hollywood is like pregnant lady yoga mecca, or so I hear, I haven't been yet but I am shooting for next week. My friend said it's the best!
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  • A mother's Haven on Ventura in Encino.
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  • Yoga Blend in Burbank is great.  Since I'm not pregnant yet I haven't tried their pre-natal classes but love the teacher (she's a doula too).  Their website is
  • Hi! ?I go to 2 Hearts Yoga and it's a good class. ?I haven't ever taken yoga before but I feel really good after these classes. ?The times are great too - she does evenings and weekend classes several times a week. ?-Andrea
  • I'd give 2 hearts yoga a C. It just wasn't that relaxing to me. The teacher/owner was trying to be nice, but I just did not jive with her or the class.
  • Golden Bridge all the way....I live in Sherman Oaks, and used to drive there ever isn't a big deal, just take the 101, and get off at Vine....there is no traffic on the truly is a yoga haven for pregnant women! YOU WILL LOVE IT! ?I am going to go again with this pregnancy, have just been waiting 'till I was further along.



    btw...I don't know where you stand on some of the controversial issues about birth, vaccinations, etc., but I just wanted to say, that some of the ideas were too extreme for me that some of her speakers would talk about..that is just my personal feeling...I just don't want you to feel discouraged from participating in the yoga, if you do not subscribe to some of these beliefs (natural childbirth, not vaccinating, etc.). ??

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  • I liked 2 Hearts Yoga a lot.  It's part of Black Dog Yoga.  A Mother's Haven BTW is not yoga.   I don't know what it is but it was weird.  I went to one class and forfeited my series.  Horrible.
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