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DD's 2 month dr appt & shot ?

was today and she's growing!  Her head's an inch bigger from last month (she's already grown out of almost all of her hats) and she's up to 11lbs 2 oz (I guessed 11.3). 

Here's my question:

She only got 1 shot and oral rotarex (I'm just delaying the other 2 shots for a month so she didn't get 4 at once and I'm not sure abt polio)...but my mom's had her since 3 and she's been sleeping since then which is really not like her.  She should've ate around 5, but is maybe just now eating (it's 7)!  I'm a little worried, but figure it's probably normal that the DTaP & Rotarex knocked her out...anyone else's LO do this?? 

Re: DD's 2 month dr appt & shot ?

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    Perfectly normal.  Cole slept most of that evening, and was a bit fussy when awake.  The next day he was fine, though may have taken slightly longer naps.
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    Everytime Ava has shots, she sleeps for forever afterwards.

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    Completely normal.  Brandon slept more for about 36 hours after his 2 month shots.  He did get up to eat, but pretty much slept off the vaccines.  He was fine.  He was a little sleepy after the 4 mo & 6 mo ones but not as much. 
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    Olivia had her shots today too. ?She has pretty much slept all day, and when she is awake she is only content for a few minutes to eat and then she is fussing and goes back to sleep. ?I was reading the paperwork the doc gave us and it says that fussiness and sleeping is common.
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    Thanks so much ladies!  That made me feel better.  I was out shopping 1/2 the day for baptism party stuff and hadn't had time to read the papers they gave us.  She finally woke up and ate soon after I wrote that post and she was awake for a couple of hours last night. 
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    Sounds like she's doing great!  She's the same size as Allie, but Allie is a month older, haha.

    Allie slept the entire day and most of the next day after getting her shots so I'm assuming it's normal.

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