New at this with a question

I'm just starting to do some research and thought someone here might be able to tell me the basic differences between the private adoption process and going through an agency.....


Thanks so much!

Re: New at this with a question

  • My understanding is that an agency adoption is sort of "one stop shopping". They present your profile to birthmothers, they have social workers who conduct the homestudy, they have lawyers to handle the paperwork. In a private adoption, you often have a baby already identified, or you do more of the legwork to find a potential birthmother. You find someone to do your homestudy, and you find a lawyer to handle the paperwork.

    We're leaning strongly toward an agency, but a situation has come up where private adoption may be another option. We're researching things now.

    I'd highly recommend a beginner book like Adoption for Dummies. Very helpful.

  • Do you understand the basic differences?  If so, I think one way of looking at the two is that private adoption usually provides more flexibility but also comes with more risk.  Using an agency can be more formulaic but it's usually less risky.  Is that helpful?  If you haven't started your "library", consider buying Adoption for Dummies or Idiot's Guide to Adoption.  It helps lay out the different options. 

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