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We were planning to get DS a trike for his 2nd birthday, but now I am thinking he will get lots more use if the Easter Bunny brings it.... He plays with my neighbors and I think he will really enjoy it.

Is this about the right age? Any recommendations?



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    We got Nora a Kettler trike for her first birthday and we love it. It's very good quality and you can accesorize the heck out of it. :-)
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    My girls got big wheels w/handles so that parents can push them for Christmas.  My girls haven't figured out the peddling thing at all.  But they still have fun with them. 
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    Jack's first tricycle was a Red Radio Flyer with a removable push handle on the back - very similar to this (but the handle was shaped like a triangle - it didn't stick out like that). He loved it and it didn't take long for him to master it at all.
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    Allison has a Radio Flyer Scoot About (or something like that).  It's basically a more stable, smaller tricycle without pedals.  I was pretty unsure of it when my parents bought it for her, but she loves it.  Having said that, we'll probably end up buying a "real" tricycle at some point.  I've been leaning towards one made by Fisher Price that sells for around $35.  It's all plastic and looks kind of boyish.
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    We've played with them in the store and while Ava acts like it is the coolest thing ever, she hasn't figured out the peddling thing and also can't even reach them very well... but I figure she'll never learn if she doesn't have one.  Eventually she'll get it and grow into it, so we're going to go ahead and get one this Spring.
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    Jillian turned 2 in January.  for christmas, she got a Radioflyer tricycle and a Dora Big Wheel.  both are in the house beside each other in the same color (pink and purple) and she totally prefers the Tricycle over the bigwheel, even though the big wheel has lights and sounds.  at this point, she can pedal a little if she's on the tile floor, but cant move it on the carpet.
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