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I thought of Niko the other day when we say' Dr.Wiggle'.  I was so impressed with him!  Evan was around our friends son that ended up having croup a few days later and then Evan started out with a runny nose and slight cough.  I called the office to see if I could get him in and at first they said it didn't sound like anything he needed to come in for.  I said he is a micropreemie and I am not going into the weekend with him like this.

So anyway Dr. Zwergle was awesome!  By now Evans cough had become more 'wet' so he took an xray to make sure everything looks good since he is/was a preemie.  I almost cried b/c I was so happy about this. 

Anyway sorry so long and kind of pointless I was just so happy and kept on thinking of Niko the entire time. 

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    Aww!  Niko loves Dr. Zwergel.  He actually saw Dr. Zwergal at the Mercy HealthPlex when we were there for swim lessons and ran up and said "Hi, Dr. Wiggle!!!"  It was so cute.

    He saw Dr. Strick this past week and said "Dr. Strick make it so much better."


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    ah so cute. 

    Evan and I were going to do the swim lessons there until I got laid off :(

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