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PIP: Baby on a bike..

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  • That looks like so much fun!  Very cute picture!

    p.s.  I'm jealous of the short sleeves and lack of a jacket.  DD hasn't been outside without a winter jacket and a blanket covering her for a few months.  I think she's forgotten what it's like to actually be outside!  I can't wait for the warmer weather so we can do fun things again!

  • So stinkin cute! ?I've never seen a seat in the front before.
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  • where did you get that??
  • image BabyMenzel:
    where did you get that??

    Ditto! DH and I have been talking about getting the bikes out when the snow clears. I like that much better than the ride-behind buggy.

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  • That's adorable!  Where do they come up with things like this and where do you find them????

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  • OMG! So cute!!
  • That is awesome. Please share where you found it.
  • So cute!  I'm with everyone else where did you get the seat?
  • Here's the link to the seat, ladies! We will be buying this when DD is a year old.


  • Thanks kel! Sorry had to log off that night.... it's the iBert- we LOVE it!! I compared that and one called the "weeride" but this one just seemed better for my super tall hubby and his knees :)
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