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local news, ewww

The local news just did a story (not sure where they were, I was only 1/2 listening to the beginning) about a guy proposing to his GF by putting the ring into a Wendy's frosty.  His GF swallowed it and they had to go to the ER. 

The section ended by talking about her eating fiber and prunes "till they got the ring back" and how "2 days later the ring was on her hand"

I get not tossing a diamond, but ewww.  I'm not sure I'd ever be able to really look at it again.

Re: local news, ewww

  • Gross. Very. Gross.


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  • That would make for a romantic story for the grandkids.

    "....and that's how grandma pooped out her diamond.  The End."

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  • That's eww for sure. But pretty funny too!
  • That's kinda funny!  But did they just dig the ring out of the toilet then?  Gross!
  • We just saw that story on our local news too.  Yuck!
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  • In a frosty?  That is klassy!
  • at least she accepted instead of getting it out and giving it back....



    and can you imagine turning THAT ring into an heirloom ring?


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