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Did you O yet??? I really hope this is your cycle!!!!
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  • Awww, you are soo sweet!

    I am only CD14 today, so no O as of yet- but that is really good bc dh and I have both been really sick with the flu! Tonight is the first time I've felt a bit better since thursday. But my CBEFM has been giving me highs for a few days now, last time on Clomid I O'd on CD18.....keeping my fingers crossed it happens soon!

    Buut, dh is supposed to be out of town working when my O is supposed to happen, but he says he's going to call in for it this month! haha, he's being such a good boy about it this month- he's totally into this whole "mission baby Miller", as he's named it.

    When do you O?? Looks like we may possibly be testing around the same time???


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  • OHHH well I am glad you are feelin better! There is definitely something bad going around - I am a nurse and there has been some nasty flu plaguing everyone - I am sorry you had to deal with that. Yuck.

    What a VERY nice DH to call in to his trip - WOO WOO - That will be perfect and you can have the best timing ever!

    I usually O on CD 16-18 too - so I am just a few days behind you so we will be testing very close in time! I really hope this is it for us and we can be labor buddies at the end of November!

    I have CD 12 U/S appointment on Tuesday to see what my follies are doin so I will know more then. After my "suspected" ectopic, the reproductive specialist just wanted to do a full workup to make sure there wasn't something else wrong - so we did all the CD3 bloodwork - and we get to go over that on Tuesday as well.

    I am really nervous but I am hopeful everything will be ok.

    I am rooting for you lady!!!

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