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How do you clean up vomit without getting sick yourself?

OMG -- I sure do hope this passes quickly.  I just did my 3rd clean up in 2 hours!  OMG!!!!!!!  I really think I may lose it myself if it happens one more time tonight. 

I feel so bad for my baby.  He's so miserable that he just climbed into his bed (he's been sleeping with me in my bed for weeks now) and is going to sleep.  He only wants me to rub his tummy for a little while, then he's had enough.  I don't like to see my little fella like this.

I need him better tomorrow, because while I doubt I'll take him with me now, I don't want to leave a sick child when I go to babysit my nieces tomorrow as my B/SIL take my nephew to see a monster truck show.

Re: How do you clean up vomit without getting sick yourself?

  • Oh no.  I hate gross stuff.  Knock on wood DD and DS have only spit up or thrown up milk which I can handle.  Whenever they have a gross poop incident I can't handle cleaning it up.  I usually throw the outfit or sheets away.  DH is even worse.  Our dog once threw up on her bed and neither of us would clean it so we got rid of it.  I hope he gets better fast.
  • A few weeks ago, Luc had a 12hr stomach bug and every time he puked, I puked.  I wasn't sick, but the smell, look and having all over me was the most disgusting thing ever.  It was hella fun.
  • Dude, I had a horrible case of food poisoning, threw up all over the bathroom floor, and then HAD to clean it up because it smelled so bad I felt like I might throw up again. I was so sick I could barely move, and I scrubbed the floor. I'm a little OCD sometimes.
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  • this sounds terrible but it is called my dh who handles that the best. its sad i am a nurse and vomit is the one thing i can not do. i will yak right there with you. i can handle some pretty gross stuff but not that.

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  • I don't.  My DH always does it.  I clean up the kid and then cuddle.
  • I'm pretty tough when it comes to puking and Nora, I think.  The only time, thus far, that I thought I was going to lose it was when I was holding her and she puked ON me--like down my shirt.
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