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I got spring fever

I went out and bought some tank tops and shorts today. The whole time I was thinking maybe I will be KU and won't be able to wear them. I felt like I was purposely buying tops that you could wear with a little bump. Do others have a hard time buying clothes for the future because they are hoping they won't be able to wear them?

Re: I got spring fever

  • I wouldn't say I have a hard time at all. However I have bought some "flowy" (sp) shirts. Also I'll admit to stuffing said shirts and staring at myself in a mirror....ya know just to see. lol!
  • I needed new bras so today I bought 36C instead of my usual 34C.. The 34C is on the tighter side and will def not fit when I get KU so I am trying to plan ahead.

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  • Yes I have bought some flowy tops hoping that I will have a bump to hide. 
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