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Hey there - youi are right, AF is early.  Very strange.  She has been so regular with 27 days and only last month was 26.  Now she arrived at CD24. Not sure what to make of that.... my shortest cycle ever.

The good thing is that I can get my CD3 bloodwork done on Monday.  I haven't had that done yet and so I am a bit nervous, given my age, 37, am hoping my FSH level is ok.

I saw you are planning to test early next week... best of luck to you!


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  • I thought that was early for you.....you always seemed to me pretty close when you are about to test or get AF.  I have been thinking of you since I know you were not too positive that you would get a positive this month.  I hope your bw goes well, please keep me posted!  Again I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow! 

    I am really going to try and hold off as long as possible before I test.  I guess I would rather see AF than a BFN. 

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