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Hi there. Just wondering, did you test again?

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  • Hey! I did test this morning & was way darker. I have my repeat betas on Monday. I am cautiously excited! How are you doing? I am surfing the net in the dark from my hotel room. Riley is in her pack n play trying to go to sleep :)

  • I have my repeat betas on Monday too! Good luck to both of us! I don't know about you, but I am SO nervous for Monday.

    I'm doing pretty good. My boobs are sore and I feel tired and bloated. I haven't really let it sink in yet b/c I'm still so nervous.

    LOL about surfing in the dark:) My daughter has been sleeping for almost an hour and a half already!?

  • I am nervous too! I don't get symptoms usually. With Riley I never got sick once...not even nauseous. Late in the 1st trimester I did get bouts of tiredness, but no sore boobs, nothing. I hope I get so lucky this time!

    Riley is usually asleep by now, but she is in the room with me & is fighting going to sleep despite not napping. She is happily lying in the PNP singing. She pass out soon I bet :)

  • I didn't get sick at all with Hannah either. I was never nauseous either. I'll take whatever this time though. I just want to have a sticky, healthy baby.

    Isn't it too cute when they sing or talk to themselves? I could sit and listen to her for hours.

    So when is your due date??

  • Last time I looked I think it was 11/10, but I'll go check.

    I love when she sings. She goes "Pinkle Pinkle blah blah lah"

  • BC says the 9th now

  • Hannah loves to sing Happy Birthday to everyone (me, papa, her stuffed animals, school friends, etc)
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