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Had surgery Friday (LONG).

What a day! I showed up at 8:30 am and was being wheeled into surgery around 10 am. They did the spinal and we waited while my legs got numb....they never did. They kept asking me to wiggle my toes and I wasn't able to wiggle my toes on my left foot, but I could lift it straight off the table and I could lift my right leg and wiggle my toes on that foot. I should have known this would happen because when I go to the dentist he shoots me 10 time with novacaine and I can still feel the drilling.

After waiting awhile and tilting me back to see if that helped my doctor decided to wash my cervix and perineum and she said if that didn't bother me I should be okay (I told her my butt and my girlie bits were numb...sorry for the TMI). She did the wash and I only felt pressure so I gave them the go ahead. BIG mistake. I felt everything. I was sweating so bad my glasses were fogging up, I felt like I was going to pass out and I felt like my body was on fire I was so hot. The poor anesthesiologist held my hand so I could squeeze it when it got bad. It basically felt like the worst menstrual cramps I have ever had times 100. Very intense pain!

I was wheeled into recovery at 11:15 am and spent the majority of the day there until around 4 pm so they could monitor my pain. I checked out and went home where I have been on bed rest for the rest of the weekend as a precaution. My doctor said the surgery itself went well and there were no complications. She said I'll have a little bit of bleeding and cramping over the next couple of days, but it should die down by Monday.

One weird thing I didn't expect was my doctor did a Cystoscopy to look in my urethra and bladder. She said she likes to do this since the cervix and bladder are so close to each other to make sure there are no problems. This has caused painful urination (like a stabbing sensation when the flow starts) and cervical cramps for about 10 minutes after I pee so now I dread the urge to go the bathroom. She said this should settle down by the end of the weekend as well.

I guess that is the full update. I had no problems with cervical length when she put the stitch in and she said she was able to get pretty high up so hopefully this works and I go full-term. I am starting progesterone shots in 10 days and I start bi-weekly u/s cervical checks at 20 weeks.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

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Re: Had surgery Friday (LONG).

  • Sorry to hear about all of the pain but glad that the ending result seems to be a good one.  Hoping for a big full term baby!  Good luck baking that little one.
  • GOOD LUCK! Hope this helps!
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  • Feeling a surgery is my worst fear, you just gave me chills! I felt a lot of my c section, I wasn't completely numb when they started cutting and your story gave me flashbacks!

    I hope this works, good luck!!! 

    P.S. Can you take numbing pills for when you pee like bladder infection pills?

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    Hey!  I was thinking about you all weekend.  DH took the laptop to work so I haven't been on.  I'm sorry you had to feel pain the entire time.  I'm glad that she got the stitch nice and high.  And that you're not on bed rest forever like I am.  I have another appointment in 3 weeks.  I'm not getting any shots yet so I'm not sure if that's in my doctor's plans.  I don't know if he plans on checking my cervix in 3 weeks but I'm going to make him check it anyways because I'm paranoid.  Anyway, I'm glad it went well for you.  Here's to full-term for us!!!
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