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Girls, have I told you lately....

how great you are? I am so glad (and sad) that I found this board. I honestly don't want to graduate (even though I do). Did this make any sense? I hope you get what I mean. ((hugs)) to you all! thanks for everything!

Re: Girls, have I told you lately....

  • I feel the same way! TTCAL girls rule!! :-)
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  • i thought the next part was going to say "that i love you...." hahaha

    and i understood every word that you wrote! i can totally relate :)


  • This is the best board on the bump! ;)
  • I've been on a few boards on theknot/nest/bump since I started here in 2004, and this is by far the best board! 
  • I completely agree, I like this board because it is not clicky and people are nice, and not very snarky. 
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  • I agree that this is by far the best board.
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  • I feel the same way!
  • I agree with every word!!!!!
  • I completely agree!  Congrats on the BFP, too...  I must have been away when you got it!
  • image Babs022:
    I feel the same way! TTCAL girls rule!! :-)

    ITA! I'm sad about the circumstances that we all "met" but I'll never leave this board, even if I get KU. 

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  • I feel EXACTLY the same way- sad way to meet but waht a great bunch of girls to have around you!!

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