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Poll: Does DH help with cleaning/cooking?

Re: Poll: Does DH help with cleaning/cooking?

  • Yes. I'd say he does half, if not more. I do more of the planning and financial management.
  • Yes, but not as much as I'd like.  I wish I didn't always have to ask!
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  • nope!  he is spoiled!  he does work a lot more than me though!
  • This is one thing that my DH is really good about. Actually, he was vacuuming earlier today and he is cooking dinner right now. Now, if I could only get him to help more with Hannah. I guess I can't get it all!
  • yup! our relationship is totally backwards. I do the bills and take out the trash, and he does the cleaning. We both cook though :)

  • Not as much as I would like, but he does some laundry.
  • He does all the cooking (cause I suck!) and we share the cleaning! He is a wonderful DH I must say!?
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  • Yep... we've got a pretty even split.

  • He cooks but clean??  Forget it!
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  • Not really.  He will SOMEtimes do some cleaning.  That is why my house does not look like the way I want it to look
  • My DH handles all the bills and most of the cooking (but he loves to cook) so I feel guilty asking him to help me clean.
  • Yes, he does alot of the cleaning and usually offers to help me prep the food for dinner.
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  • Umm...well he considers "cleaning" more like tidying up and organizing but not actually CLEANING with products - but he does vacuum.

    Cooking: He does the grilling in the summer - but winter its all me.

    BUT he is really good with money as I am NOT so its an even trade!

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  • I do the cooking but I love to cook. We both clean but he does all the laundry!
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  • yep, I can't complain about that with DH. he cooks half of the time and always does the dishes and cleans up.
  • If I ask him to, but not on his own.  He is a great cook though and I wish he would cook more often.
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  • Yes,  He is an excellent cook, so I love when he cooks.  I normally will clean the house (dust, clean the bathrooms and kitchen) but he will vaccum and we typically split cooking, and the clean up after dinner.
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  • Our rules is simple -

    Kitchen:  If I cook, he does the clean up and dishes.  If he cooks, I do. 

    Cleaning:  I take care of the inside of the house, he's in charge of outside.

    It works for us.




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  • Yes, he does quite a bit around the house- he's pretty well in charge of laundry and dishes, while I do the deep cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, organizing, etc). He cooks probably about 1/2 of the time as well- he likes to test out new recipes on DS and I before he makes them at the firehouse. He's really a pretty good cook!
  • Yes, DH helps with both.  I do more cleaning and we take turns cooking.

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  • He does all the cooking, the cleaning is pretty evenly split


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